E. Cabral: I chose Apollon because they showed me how much they want me

For his transfer to Apollon, Euclides issued a statement on the official website of the club www.apollon.com.cy

Welcome to our team Euclides and we wish you every success with Apollon! First of all, your name is Greek, do you have any relation to do with Greece?

Thanks for the welcome and wishes. No, I have nothing to do with Greece. I have roots from Portugal and Cape Verde.

After many years you are leaving the Swiss league for Apollo. What are your feelings about the transfer to our team?

I am very happy to be in such a successful team as Apollo. I had several proposals for collaboration but I preferred Apollon because of the very good atmosphere that exists here and for the fact that they showed me from the beginning how much they want me to join the team. I can’t wait to integrate with the rest of the football players and start training.

What are your main attributes as a football player?

I am a right defender but I can play just as well on the left side of the defense. I am very fast, explosive, I like to attack and I like to fight with passion.

What can our fans expect from you?

I promise to give my all for the team and help them achieve their goals. The rest on the pitch.

The footballer chose to play with the number 19.