Apollon won 2-1 Pafos FC in friendly match

Apollon won 2-1 against Pafos FC in a friendly match that took place on Sunday night (06/08) at the Alphamega stadium as part of the summer preparation for the next season.

Mr. Andone lined up his team with Antosch, Darikwa, Peybernes, Skjelvik, Jurcevic, Kyriakou, Coll, Donyoh, Peretz, Abdurahimi and Diguiny in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Both goals were scored by Godsway Donyoh, with a well-taken penalty on 60 minutes and a shot from inside the area on 63 minutes. The winger also provided an assist on 74′ however the goal was disallowed as offside.

Kvida reduced the deficit for the visitors with a long range shot on 72′.

Demetriou, Ekpolo, Spoljaric, Malekkidis, Pontikos, Valbouena, Foti and Filiotis took part in the second half.

The cycle of friendly pre-season games will be completed on Friday (11/08) with the big friendly against Napoli.

Line ups:

Apollon: Antosch(Demetriou 46′), Darikwa, Peybernes, Skjelvik (Ekpolo 52′), Jurcevic (76′ Malekkidis), Kyriakou (76′ Pontikos), Coll, Donyoh, Peretz (Valbuena 52′), Abdurahimi (90′ Foti), Diguiny (76′ Spoljaric), Donyoh (83′ Filiotis)

On the bench: Demetriou, Loizou, Stylianou, Ekpolo, Malekkidis, Adoni, Filiotis, Psychas, Spoljaric, Iliev, Foti, Pontikos, Valbuena

Pafos FC: Ivusic, Palacios (84′ Twumasi), Ikoko (62′ Demetriou), Kvida, Tavares (Bockal 46′), Name, Pelagio, Valakari (82′ Abdusalamov), Tankovic (Kane 46′), Bruno (Manga 60′), Zairo (Davo 60′)

On the bench: Olazabal, Demetriou, Davo, Kane, Michael, Manga, Bockal, Rovaris Dall’Igna, Twumasi, Josipovic, Konstantinou, Amdusalamov