B. Abdurahimi: Wearing the Apollon colors and representing these fans its truly an honor

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd has completed the signing of the Croatian football player, Besart Abdurahimi, who has successfully passed the medicals.

The wide attacking midfielder shared his first words as an Apollon player, on the club’s official website www.apollon.com.cy.

Welcome to the club Besart! What are your first thoughts?

Thank you for the warm welcome!
From the first moment I arrived, I realized that it is a big club, with serious people surrounding it and important goals and demands. I am very happy to be here and I hope that I will live up to the expectations of everyone who believed in me. I will give my best for the team in order to help it achieve its goals!

Apollon is the third football team of your career in Cyprus. Please share some insights on this journey.

I first came to Cyprus for Akritas Chlorakas, which was an up-and-coming team in the B division and with great effort we achieved our goal and got promoted. I managed to stand out and then I made the transfer to Paphos, a much more established team in the A’ division which helped me show who I am and what I can achieve. Now I’m in one of the biggest teams in the country and I’m here to stand out as I did in my previous teams. I want to help the team achieve its goals and I believe that I can do so. I feel that Apollon is a step up in my career and I am confident that I made the right choice.

There is a difference in Apollon’s objectives and expectations, compared to your previous teams. How does this make you feel?

This doesn’t worry me at all. I have also competed in the past with teams that had aspirations, teams with the constant pressure to win every game. I won two championships in my career and I know what it’s like to win every week. That’s why I play football, that’s why I compete and train every day. To win every match. It is pointless to compete in a team that has no goals. When you have a goal, such as winning the championship, you get motivated and enjoy the game more. This was also one of the reasons I chose Apollon.

Did you have offers from other teams?

I did yes, however Apollon was one of the first teams that approached me and they did it in the right way. The team’s ambition and goals eventually convinced me. It was an easy decision, really.

What was it like when you faced Apollon?

Very difficult opponent and the support of the fans, who are very passionate, makes it even more difficult. Wearing the Apollon colors and representing these fans its truly an honor for any footballer.

We saw you compete in many positions in the attack. Which one do you think suits you best?

It depends on the coach what he wants from me. I am ready to play as a winger, as a striker or even further back. I can perform everywhere. Wherever the coach decides or the team needs, I will compete and try to help them win.

You chose number 10, a very demanding number.

I actually wanted 7 but I was informed that this number has been retired for years. Of the rest available, 10 was available and that’s why I chose it. I’m not one of those footballers who think that numbers play a role or affect situations. The important thing is to perform on the field and not the number I will wear on the back.

Since we are talking about numbers. What is the number of goals you aspire to score?

I didn’t set a number but my goal is to be better every. The most important thing is that the team achieves its goals.

What is the first message you would like to send to Apollon fans?

I know them since last year, I know how much energy they can transmit to the footballers with their support, I felt it, and I promise them that I will give my best to achieve great things this year.

The footballer chosen number 10.

We welcome the player to the club and wish him every success playing in blue and white.

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