Sunday, April 28, 1963 and at the house of Apollon in Gladstonos, the celebration of ten years since the founding of the association takes place. Its Beatitude the Archbishop and President of the Republic of Cyprus Makarios was present, after the Diplomatic Corps, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Spyros Kyprianou. He was invited, but the presence of Georgios Grivas Digenis was not possible. A common feature of all three is that they were honored as Honorary Presidents of Apollon.

Referring to our team, Makarios praised the work and contribution of Apollon:

“Today’s celebration of the tenth anniversary of” Apollon “evokes feelings of deep joy and satisfaction. The Group thus justified and exceeded the expectations of its establishment, because it emerged not only as a center of sports and intellectual activity but also as a center of national radiance.

Through his brilliant action, “Apollon” associated its name during the last decade with any noble event in Limassol and elsewhere on the island. It always devoted himself to high goals and aspirations and served with warm faith the ideals of the Greek Cypriot people. It educated his members with a sense of duty to the homeland and from its ranks it offered most fighters in the service of the liberation struggle. During those difficult and heroic years, “Apollon” held a significant weight of the struggle in Limassol. As a consequence, there were persecutions against it despite the occupation authorities, which, however, after its contribution to the struggle, are national titles of honor.

“Apollon” through its ten years of activity certified what can be done, when there is will, faith and national spirit. Inspired by the national ideals, its members worked and competed with vigor and emerged worthy of the noble tradition of patriotism, which is the basis of the national life of the Cypriot Hellenism. Their work can be an example to follow.

I am sure that “Apollon” will continue and intensify its activity along the same lines. Today’s celebration of its tenth anniversary will be the starting point of a new excursion.

Participating in the joy of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of “Apollon”, I always address to its members warm congratulations and a cordial greeting of love and appreciation. I commend your work and wish you any further progress and success of your efforts “.

On the same page is the letter of Georgios Grivas Digenis:

“My dear,

Your invitation to attend the celebration of the tenth anniversary of your group, moved me a lot. But I’m sorry because, despite my strongest desire, I can not respond to it. Mentally I will be with you and I will applaud your beautiful work.

I always remember the brilliant action of your club during the fight, which I watched closely. You remained firmly committed to the principles and the spirit of that fight, which covered with so much glory the Greek Cypriot people.

Exercise your body and cultivate your spirit and soul. The wonderful Greek Cypriot people, and the young people themselves, have a lot to do to complete the unchanging desire of the Panhellenic people.

The glory for the national heroes always has wreaths. Good luck to those who will be crowned on the blessed day that Cyprus will be in the arms of mother Greece. Work tirelessly for the dawn of this happy day. God and the souls of those who fell fighting for the Union of Cyprus watch and bless the ongoing struggle. The fate of the Greeks is to fight for the noblest ideals and of Freedom itself.

With love,

Grivas-Digenis »