M. Krmencik: Apollon provides the whole package I was looking for

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd announces the finalization of the agreement with Czech striker Mikael Krmencik, who successfully passed the necessary medical examinations.

For his transfer to Apollon, Mikael issued a statement on the official website of the club www.apollon.com.cy.

Mikael is the sixth Czech player to play for the blue and white.

Welcome to Apollon FC. What does your transfer to our team mean to you?

This is a team with prime targets, I have followed their progress in the last few years and if we exclude the last season, they are distinguished by their stability, the fact that they are contending for trophies and that they are playing in European competitions. I saw that they play in a brand new and modern stadium which is always a motivation for players. I am here to help Apollon to fight for the championship again.

Were there any other offers before you instead of Apollon?

There was interest but I told my agent that money is no longer the motivation for me. I was looking for a team that would challenge for titles, be organised, in a safe country and environment for my family. I am sure that next year we will be competing in Europe. I want to lead Apollon towards the title. That is my motivation and that is why I chose Apollon.

Also, the people here explained to me their project, the vision and the goals of the team, which fit with what I want. This is an ambitious team which approached me very early on showing me how much they want me. I had the option to wait but Apollon provides the whole package I was looking for and I can’t wait for the next step.

Have you spoken to any of your compatriots who played in Cyprus for Apollon?

I spoke to 2-3 friends of mine who explained to me about the level of the league, about Limassol and Apollon in particular. They told me that they are a very good team, that everything at Apollon works perfectly and you should go there! This season may not have been good, but they have been playing for years, competing in Europe and will surely go higher with you.

A lot of people were surprised about your choice to play in Indonesia last season. How was your experience there?

I wanted to try something different and indeed it was. They may think the standard of football is low, however it was a good experience. I wanted to go for a year, I experienced it and that was it. It was difficult in Indonesia as it is quite hot, very humid and long distances. I am a professional footballer and I want to play in a competitive league in Europe.

Do you think that through Apollon you can return to the Czech national team?

It is difficult but I believe in myself and the team. If I score a lot of goals and help the team win the championship, then something can happen.

What kind of footballer are you, what are your main characteristics?

I’m quick, strong in duels, good with my head and can score in many ways inside the box. I believe I have everything a central striker needs.

What can fans expect from you?

I can’t promise a number of goals but they can expect me to help the team in every way possible. I’m an experienced player with a presence of playing for big clubs, I’m a team player who supports his teammates on and off the pitch. I believe in myself and look forward to the new season. I will give my best to win the championship.

The player chose to play with the number 11.

We welcome the player to the club and wish him every success playing in blue and white.

Press Office
Apollon FC