P. Artymatas: Apollon was the right choice for me

For his transfer to Apollon, Panagiotis Artymatas issued a statement on the official website of the club www.apollon.com.cy.

Welcome to our team Panagiotis. What are your feelings about the transfer to our team?

I am excited to have joined a great team like Apollon and this can be seen from the results of the last years, a team with successes at home and abroad. I can’t wait to start training!

Were there any other offers? And if so, why did you choose Apollon?

There were yes, but I think I made the best and most right choice. As I said before, Apollon is a big team, a lot of people, with high targets and this is a huge challenge for me to help the club to achieve them.

You had a busy season last season in Super League 2. How was the experience and do you think the high number of appearances will help you cope with the demands of the club?

I achieved my first target which was to get on a team and have a lot caps. It was a very good league and competitive level even though I expected it to be inferior.

I believe that my experience last year gave me something that I was missing. I needed to get a better mentality, to raise my confidence because the year before last I had almost no time.

What can our fans expect from you?

I believe I am a strong defender with quality, who has the ability to help develop play and retain possession. I will give my best and offer the team as much as I can.

The footballer chose to play with the number 6.