Preparation in Austria: 3rd day / Afternoon workout

With an excellent match between our players in every way, the afternoon training on Monday (24/06) was completed.
All the players participated normally, except for the unprepared Hambos Kyriakou.
It was preceded by regular exercises by Mr. Augustis.
On Tuesday morning (25/06) a break was granted to our footballers.
On Tuesday afternoon (25/06) our team will play its 2nd friendly match on Austrian soil against the Serbian champion Red Star (18:00 local time, 19:00 Cyprus)
The Serbian champions will be the toughest opponent in the preparation of the friendly matches.
Milojevic’s team became champions for the 29th time in its history with a difference of 12 points from the second Partizan.
The Red Star will play in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League against Suduva.
It should be noted that last year we played with this team with the final result of the 1-0 defeat.

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