We Are #MoreThanFootball

The #MoreThanFootball campaign starts today, Monday (22/03), and will last until Sunday (18/04).

The campaign gives the opportunity to European Football teams and other bodies to promote their social action at local, national and European level.

It is worth mentioning that both the UEFA Foundation for Children and the ECA support the week.

#MorethanFootball is a European initiative by the EFDN (European Football for Development Network) in which Apollon Limassol has been participating since 2015 as an official member.

By using the #Morethanfootball hashtag, Apollon Limassol will promote a series of actions on a daily basis.

Apollon FC is not just about football and this can be showcased through the history of the club and its multidimensional contribution to national, cultural, social and other sectors that influence our society.

Since 2005, Apollon Football Company has consistently focused on campaigns related to social problems, with an emphasis on racism and violence on the pitch, while dozens of individual campaigns and actions are being carried out for other public purposes.

Our club was the first in the history of Cypriot sports, to organize an anti-racist campaign proving that football can play a huge role in combating these issues. The campaign that was not focused only on the football industry, since racism and xenophobia are unfortunately something that generally plagues our society and not just sports.

Apollon also participated in dozens of other campaigns related to the fight against drugs, violence and school bullying, as well as raising awareness for environmental protection and even organ donation.

For this reason, dozens of visits were made and will continue to be made every year to schools, institutions and hospitals, by a delegation of the administration and the football team, while there is active participation in various seminars, lectures and conferences where our club members receive education on these issues.

At the same time, Apollon regularly holds charitable events in collaboration with public institutions and organizations which aim at raising awareness and generating funds.

The culmination of the club’s CSR strategy is the participation in EFDN’s “Welcome Through Football” program, which aims at helping refugee children to integrate to the local society through their involvement with our club and football in general.

During all these years, Apollon FC has proven that it is not just a football club and that the club can be in the forefront of all things that are happening in our society and around the globe, further establishing the club as an organization which aims at excelling in every sector and domain.