Zacharias Adonis at Apollon until 2026

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd, announces that it has reached an agreement with Ethnikos Achnas for the transfer of Zacharias Adonis until May 2026.

Zacharias was born in June 1999 and plays the position of central defender.

The 24-year-old started his career in the APOEL academy.

In the three-year period 2018-2021 he played for Doxa, making 37 appearances.

In the 2021-22 season he was transferred to Ethnikos Achnas where he made 28 appearances.

In the 2022-23 season the player played for Nea Salamina, making 34 appearances.

The central defender spoke about his transfer to Apollon Limassol in a statement on the club’s official website

Welcome to our team Zacharias. How do you feel about your transfer?

I feel so justified. The last two seasons of my career, at Ethnikos Achnas and Nea Salamina, were very good and full and my transfer to Apollon is like a reward for all my efforts. To be here, in a team with top goals, with demands from the management and the fans, is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to prove that I can cope with these conditions.

Are you ready to respond to a team with so much pressure?

I’m fully prepared. I’ve been playing for three consecutive seasons as a starter in the top division, yes in teams with different goals, but participating in the same league. Since the management and technical staff believe in me by bringing me here, it gives me more confidence to achieve the goals that have been set.

What do you think went wrong for our team last year? Looking at things more objectively and from a longer distance.

There was nothing specifically wrong. It was just a year in which a lot of teams got stronger in the league and the competition got to very high levels. With the new circumstances that have been formed I think there will be 5-6 teams each year competing for the championship or a European qualification. It has been a difficult season for all teams.

At the crucial point, which is the playoffs, Apollon showed that they are there, made an incredible fight back with a winning streak and made a great effort to get back where they belong but failed to secure a place in Europe. The result was decided in the details.

Another important detail is that only four teams in this season’s league were making it to Europe and that made the task even more difficult.

What is your personal ambition at Apollon?

First and foremost, I want to meet the demands of the fans and whenever I play, I want to be ready to give my best. I want to make Apollon’s fans happy by bringing success to the club. My goal is to earn a starting position in the team and then to do justice to those who believed in me by bringing me here. My second goal is to score as many caps as possible and through Apollon to earn a call up to the Cyprus Men’s National Team. Finally, I am confident that with the opportunity to play here that I will be able to compete in European competitions for the first time.

Is there any special reason why you chose number 4?

It’s the number usually used by centre-backs, it’s my favourite number and it’s the one worn by players who are role models for me, Sergio Ramos and Virgil Van Dijk. It’s also the number I had at Ethnikos Ahna and Nea Salamina and I think it worked out well for me.

Are you a left or right stopper?

I played on both sides and didn’t have any problems.

Does the fact that Apollon’s style of play differs from that of your previous teams, as they play possession football with the development of the game starting from the back trouble you?

No, it doesn’t bother me. The truth is that in the period when David Bandia came to Ethnikos Ahna, he wanted us to play this way and the game to develop from the back. Long passing was forbidden and I think that helped me a lot in improving my passing, composure and ball control.

And at Nea Salamina in some cases we played that way. It’s not something completely foreign. For sure the mirror is the pitch and there it will be seen if I can cope with what the coach is asking. I feel I can do it and I think it’s very important.

At Apollon you will meet Makis Papaioannou with whom you worked with at Nea Salamina, what is your opinion about Mr Papaioannou?

We have excellent relations with Mr. Makis. He is a hard worker, who loves what he does very much, is 100% dedicated and has the goal to accomplish his mission. He does not want to give anyone the right to question him about his work and his quality as a person. Whenever I have needed him he has been there, he has given me tactical advice and more in the past and I am sure I will need him again in the future and I am glad he is here.

The player chose to play with the number 4.

We welcome the player to the club and wish him every success playing in blue and white.

Press Office
Apollon Limassol