A. Jovanovic: There was never any hesitation to extent my contract

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership with our team goalkeeper Aleksandar Jovanovic until May 2026.

The Serbian goalkeeper joined Apollon in September 2020 and in the 2021-22 season he emerged as our team’s MVP with his presence being a catalyst for winning the championship.

In total, he made 49 appearances in our team, keeping 16 clean sheets.

This is the second early extension he signs with our team.

Alexander Jovanovic spoke to www.apollon.com.cy about his new contract until 2026.

This is the third contract you sign with Apollon and the second time as an early renewal. What does this mean to you?

It means everything! It shows that this team believes in my abilities and that’s the most important thing for me. I saw that the will to keep me here and the trust the club shows in me were important factors in signing my new contract until 2026.

The president, the sporting director and Apollon in general showed me how much they wanted me to stay here for many years and I am very happy with my renewal at the club. I am excited to stay at Apollon for another four years!

How easy was it to make that decision? Were there any doubts?

There was never any hesitation! The negotiations did not last long as they developed into a very simple conversation.

The stories and rumors that existed to get a transfer to a team in Greece are well known, but the decision I made was on the basis of my own and my family’s good, and of course for the good of the club.

I remain here and I am fully prepared for the new challenges ahead of me. Both for me personally and for the club.

You achieved a lot with Apollon. We are champions, we have qualified for a European group stage… what else do you want to achieve with the team?

The goals never end. We want to experience the same again. To be champions again, to qualify again for a European group, at least the Europa League, hopefully also the Champions League, but Europa is the minimum I would like to qualify for.

I don’t set long-term goals, I usually focus on the current season and achieving short-term goals.

What do you think about the European group that our team is participating in?

 For any team that takes part in the group stage, to be there, means they have quality and rightly so at this level.

What is certain is that the team aims to qualify for the next phase. We are ready for these games. It will not be easy at all because these are quality teams who will also see the prospect and the opportunity to qualify for the next round.

Apollon fans love you and they show it in every match. What does this mean to you?

 I love the fans of Apollon and appreciate them beyond imagination. It is another reason that pushed me to stay here. From the first moment I was in the team they showed me their appreciation. Of course, their love today is much greater. One of the biggest reasons I accepted the proposal was the love from the fans, not only for me but also for my family. I appreciate this very much. Wherever I go, wherever friends of the club see me, they hug me, they are kind to me and show their interest.

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