Announcement from the Board of Directors of Apollon Football Public Ltd

Apollon Football Public Ltd, in its commitment to support our esteemed club, has made the significant decision to fully revamp the policy for both season tickets and single match tickets for our home games.

Starting from the upcoming 2024-2025 season, obtaining a ticket for our matches will require each supporter to register as a member of Apollon Club.

This major change is not just a new procedure, but a vital step towards strengthening our beloved club. It is a decision aimed at fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among all Apollon supporters under the umbrella of our Club, which will be financially and morally strengthened, ensuring its sustainability and growth.

By registering with the Club, you become part of a large family that shares common values, ideals, and a vision for the future. The support of the Football Company for this new initiative is unwavering. The agreement for mandatory membership registration before purchasing a season ticket or single match ticket is the result of a collective effort to secure a strong and united Apollon.

We call on all friends and supporters of Apollon to join the ranks of our Club, either as Regular Members or Supporting Members. This is an opportunity for all of us to show our love and dedication to Apollon. Together, united and strong, we can continue to write new pages of glory and success for our Club.

Registrations can be made online through the updated Club website ( and the new registration platform ( starting Tuesday, June 25. Details on membership categories and rights have been published by the Club.

To mark the new membership policy, a press conference will be held on Friday (28/06/2024, 11:00) in the conference room of the “ALPHAMEGA” stadium, during which the season tickets for the upcoming football season will also be presented.

Open invitation to all media representatives.


Board of Directors
Apollon Football Public Ltd