Fare Network

Apollon Limassol since 2014 participates in the largest social campaign of European football, organized by FARE. Football Action Week aims to bring together hundreds of people from different clubs, including footballers, executives, federations and fans, and to work together to tackle and combat discrimination, and to fight for equality.

This action, which is supported by UEFA, began its journey in the distant 2001, initially in 9 countries and has developed into one of the largest campaigns to combat discrimination, racism in sports and football in general.

“Football People” Action Weeks aims to raise public awareness and address discrimination through football, to encourage a united action that will bring about social change and development, as well as to test new practices that will address social exclusion.

These two weeks include hundreds of events and activities that will bring together people from different clubs, such as soccer players, executives, federations and fans to come together to tackle and fight discrimination and fight for equality. This action, which is supported by UEFA, started in 2001 with nine countries participating in the pilot phase of the campaign.

In recent years, more than 4,000 activities have taken place in 70 European countries and have spread around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States and South Africa.

Our team, as an official member of FARE, actively participates in the campaign every year through a series of actions.