First interview with Praxitelis Vouros

“Welcome to our team! What does this transfer mean to you?

Firstly, thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate the ongoing communication from Apollon, which showed they really wanted me on the team. Actions speak louder than words, and from preparation onwards, we’ll work hard to contribute our best. We aim to avoid last season’s mistakes and elevate the team to where it belongs.

How did your transfer come about?

My contract with OFI ended this summer, and initially, I had no contact from them. However, Apollon called with a very appealing offer, prompting my move to Cyprus and to play for the team. Their consistent communication and respect for my efforts in previous years impressed me.

What can fans expect from you?

I’m not one to talk too much. A player’s place is on the field, where we must honor our role and give our best in every practice and game. Effort and consistency are key in Greece and Cyprus. Passion and intensity make the difference.

Which position suits you best?

I believe central defense suits me best. Nevertheless, I’m ready to adapt to other positions depending on the coach’s system if it benefits the team.

What message would you like to send to the fans?

Actions speak louder than words on the field. I strive to set an example, not just for new fans but for everyone. I’ll give my all for the team and continuously strive to improve, both on and off the field.”

Press Office
Apollon Limassol FC