It will be an amazing achievement for us to qualify in European competition

Apollon will continue to be led by Mr. Bogdan Andone until 2025 as he signed his new contract with our team on Thursday morning (11/05).

The Romanian coach told to the club’s official website expressing his satisfaction with his progress so far at Apollon, also mentioning that the still believes in winning the third position.

First of all, congratulations for the new contract, what does it mean to you?

Thank you. It means that we did a great job in these three months that we’ve been here. But we still have three very important games to finish the season the best way we can, the way our fans want, the way the board, the chairman and everyone around the club wants. And it will be an amazing achievement for us, for the club, for the players. And I really believe that we can qualify in European competition.

Since being in Limassol, Apollon has eight wins out of 10 games, which is a great record. Do you think we can continue in the same way?

Yes, because since I joined the club I told the board members what it was that I wanted to achieve, what I wanted the club to achieve and what the players should do to achieve our goal. That’s my philosophy. People have known me since I was a footballer, what I was like as a player when I was playing with passion and intensity. That’s also how I am as a coach. Maybe some or most people would say I was crazy when I first came in and I said our goal was to fight for a European spot when we were so many points behind the teams ahead of us. And I truly believe that if APOEL or Aris were in the cup final and fourth place was leading to Europe, then that goal would be in our hands now. But now these are the circumstances, only the top three positions lead to Europe and that’s what we are still fighting for. We still believe and I’m sure we will fight until the final whistle of the league to get to Europe.

You signed a two-year contract. What can we say about the new season?

It all depends on the league’s position this season. I hope that we will complete the season successfully.
What is clear for next season is that our goal will be the championship, as Apollon does every year. We will have to fight for it. We will see what the team’s needs are and try to be as strong as possible. The most important thing is to have balance during the season and to have the energy to give it all in the crucial games that follow in the playoff round. You can’t be in first place all season and when the playoffs come around you can’t manage to have a win. Our goal will be to remain within striking distance and when we reach Playoffs round B to give it our all to win the title.
That’s all for next year though. We have this season and the three games remaining in this season’s championship ahead of us.
I can’t say much more in terms of the roster. We set a goal for this year, we are totally focused on it, we have an excellent roster with players who have great character, fighting spirit and who fight every game to win. As I said before, it all depends on the final ranking. The first goal is to get to Europe this year and then we see how we can strengthen the team in the new season.

What message would you like to send to the fans ahead of the season?

First of all, I want to thank them for being there for us and ask them to keep it up until the end. The faith they show in us, the support they give us and their cheers on the pitch give us confidence and motivate us to get the victories.
I would also like to thank the board, especially President Nicos Kirzis, for giving me the opportunity to be on this team. As I mentioned in my first comments when I joined, leading Apollon is something like a dream for me.

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