Julien Célestine’s first interview

Julien Célestine gave his first interview to the club’s official website, www.apollon.com.cy, regarding his transfer to our team.

Welcome to Limassol and our club. How do you feel about this transfer?

Thank you. I am very happy to have signed with Apollon. My first impressions are very good; I noticed a beautiful atmosphere in the city. I even met some fans, and everything seems ideal for me to play here.

Did the fans recognize you? Did they say anything?

Yes, since I visited the city with team manager, they recognized me. I see that the fans love football and Apollon. It seems like this is the best club in the city. As a new player, I remain calm and focused.

What can the fans expect from you? What is your playing style?

I am a leader, so I want to win every game. I am a defender who plays aggressively, and I believe I am strong in duels.

Tell us how the transfer happened. Were there other teams interested?

Yes, I had a good offer from France, Greece, and Romania. One of the teams was even participating in European competitions. However, I chose Apollon because my agent and I know that it is a good project and a good step forward. Two or three years ago, I had an offer from Cyprus, so I am familiar with the league.

How important is it that you have played abroad before?

I have played abroad several times. I played in Mexico for a year and in Latvia and Belgium for three years. I consider this experience very important because it has helped me grow both as a player and as a person. Playing in different countries and leagues has exposed me to various styles of football and cultures, enhancing my adaptability and understanding of the game. These experiences have prepared me well for this new chapter with Apollon, and I am eager to bring everything I’ve learned to the team.

What message would you like to send to the fans?

I want to tell them that I play every game as if it’s the last of my football career. I want to win, to fight for victory, for the club, and for the fans. I am very happy to be playing for Apollon and feel confident that we will have a good season.