Petros Konnafis leaves Apollon FC

The Apollon Football (Public) Ltd Company announces the departure of our team’s Director of Sport, Mr. Petros Konnafis.

A long-term partnership which has been very constructive, leaving its mark on an excellent period in our club’s history, with domestic titles and European appearances.

A period in which Apollon consistently performed at a high level and continuously participated in European competitions, gaining the competitive consistency that our team’s fans have been looking for over time.

The result of this multi-year partnership was a Championship title, three Cups, three Super Cups and ten consecutive participations in European competitions, of which five in the UEFA Group Stage.

We express special thanks for the great contribution and dedication that Mr. Petros Konnafis has shown to our team, and we wish him every success in both his personal and professional future endeavors.

Board of directors
Apollo Limassol