T. Darikwa: I have high expectations and I came here to succeed.

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd has completed the signing of the English football player, Tedayi Darikwa, who has successfully passed the medicals.

The defender shared his first words as an Apollon player, on the club’s official website www.apollon.com.cy.

Tedayi becomes the 35th English national who will play for Apollon FC.

Welcome to our team, Teddy. What are your first impressions about your transfer to Apollon?

It’s a new chapter in my career. We are very excited, me, my wife and my two kids for this new experience in our lives.

When the club showed interest in me I started gathering information about the club and the city and I was excited. When I watched some videos to see how the team plays, I realized that this is a very good team that competes at a high level and even though they didn’t fulfill their goals last year, I know that they are a perennial contender in the league.

I hope with the additions that have been made and will be made that we will build a very good team that will bring success.

This is the first time you are leaving your country to play football, does it bother you at all? Do you consider it a risk to your career?

Not at all. I don’t think it’s a risk because I believe in myself, in my quality and what I can bring to the team. I am an experienced footballer and the truth is that I was looking for the right project to dedicate myself to. I believe that Apollon is the right place for me to play football and succeed. I have had offers to leave England in the past but I didn’t feel ready to leave my country either. I was very happy in the clubs I belonged to. Now I was looking for a new challenge outside England and I believe I found it here.

Why did you consider Apollon as the right project?

Because as I have told you before I asked and learned about Apollo. I heard very good things, they are a team that often competes in Europe and two years ago they won the championship.

I am looking forward to meeting my teammates and the technical staff and winning titles.

How can you help the team?

I have a lot of experience in teams that played attacking football and I won three titles in the lower divisions in England and I know what it’s like to have to win every game. I’m also hard-working and I like to learn new things and I feel confident that I can respond to whatever the manager asks me to do. I may also have to adjust my game based on the team’s style of play. I will do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.

Would you describe yourself as an offensive back or a defensive back?

I like to attack, but my first job is to defend. I’m part of the defense and that’s what I have to do. Whenever I get the opportunity and I can, I’ll step up. It all depends on the coach’s game plan and what he wants from me on the field.

What do you expect to find here that you didn’t have on the other teams you played on?

First and foremost, the fanatical fans. I watched how they support their team on the field and how much love they have for their team, it’s amazing. I’ve been in the city for a few days now and it seems that Apollon is the greatest team in Limassol.

The club is used to playing in the big leagues of Europe and is widely known. Most importantly, it aspires to return to the top and compete at the level it was at until last season. This is everyone’s goal and we have to work hard, every day to achieve it.

Almost your entire career you have had the number “27” and it is the number you have chosen for our team. Is there a reason?

It’s been my number since the day I became a professional football player. I played for four different clubs with that number and that’s why I wanted to have it here. When they asked me what number I wanted I asked them for 27 and I thanked them for giving it to me. I knew someone else had it last year and I thanked him. It’s a special number and I hope to bring success with it.

What would you like to say to the Apollon fans?

Thank you for the warm welcome and the many messages of love you have sent me on social networks since the day it was rumoured that I was coming here. I can’t wait to see the new stadium, to meet you in the stands and I will give my best every day and more to achieve our goals. I have high expectations and I came here to succeed.

The player chose to play with the number 27.

We welcome the player to the club and wish him every success playing in blue and white.

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Apollon Limassol