The “Hope for children” foundation, a priority for Apollon and Omonia

The  “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center (HFC) joins forces with Omonia Nicosia and Apollon Limassol in order to dedicate the last game of the season on raising awareness for the Foster Family system, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour.

To mark the International Foster Care Day, celebrated on May 31st, this special game will seek to promote the efforts of the “Hope For Children” foundation to raise public awareness, with the ultimate goal of finding new foster families for the children under the supervision of the State’s Social Welfare Services. Foster families ensure the well-being of children and respect their needs, while providing a healthy, stable and safe environment.

Players from both teams will be holding signs with meaningful messages about foster care when entering the pitch, highlighting the importance of this institution in children’s lives. Further messages will be displayed on LED boards during the game.

Joseph Borghese, General Manager of HFC expressed his gratitude to both teams: “Sport has the power to connect with people, that is why Omonia and Apollon’s support is extremely important, they will be able to deliver messages of support and love towards every single child whilst reaching out to the Cypriot audience. This action is a great example of what we can achieve when we join forces by putting the interests of children above everything else”.

Omonia’s Press Officer Andreas Demetriou said: “Our contribution to the Hope For Children foundation makes us very happy. We have been supporting the organization for years in its various activities and we are more than ever involved in such an important cause. Omonia is highly concerned about issues concerning children and we consider our contribution essential in order to promote such precious institutions in our society, as fostering is one of them.”

Koulla Stavrinidou, Apollon Limassol’s Marketing Officer commented: ” We are delighted to accept the proposal of “Hope For Children” to support the campaign of the organization, which is aimed at finding new foster families for the children under the supervision of the State’s Social Welfare Services. We congratulate “Hope For Children ” for their remarkable initiative and we open our hearts and our homes to support children. As children represent tomorrow’s society, fostering is the best thing that can happen to a needy child.”

The “Hope For Children” foundation is implementing a programme in order to create foster families with the funding and cooperation of the Social Welfare Services of the Republic of Cyprus, which acts as the competent governmental body responsible for foster care. Through this project, the organisation provides invaluable services to foster families at each stage of their participation in this initiative in order to ensure the well-being of children.

“Hope For Children” would like to thank Omonia and Apollon for their unique cooperation and support regarding our ongoing efforts to strengthen the foster care institution and give hope to all these children in need. For more information, call 22103234 or visit the organization’s website