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Why we are #MoreThanFootball

Following the completion of the #Morethanfootball program, which was hosted by the EFDN (European Football for Development Network) from 15/9/2020 until 11/10/2020, Apollon FC presents audio-visual content from the club’s CSR action throughout the years.

Looking back at the club’s history and contribution to the local community and culture, it is evident that Apollon FC is more than just a football club.

Since 2005, Apollon FC has always been proactive and consistent in producing CSR campaigns in order to support the local community and combat various societal problems such as hooliganism and racism. The club has also been involved in various charity campaigns and has always supported local and international non-profit organizations with all kinds of projects, even if the projects supported causes in other countries.

Apollon FC was the first Cypriot football club to organize an anti-racism campaign and paved the way for other local clubs which later followed by example.

In addition, Apollon has supported hundreds of anti-drug, anti-racism, anti-bullying and anti-hooliganism initiatives and campaigns throughout the past decade. The club has also provided financial support to organizations and families.

Perhaps the biggest campaign that the club has ever supported was the “Welcome Through Football” program by the EFDN, where a football team of refugee children, who came to Cyprus in recent years following the turmoil in the Middle East, was formed. The aim of the program was to support refugee children and their families with their integration into the local society, using football as the main tool.

There is more to life than football and Apollon FC has proven and will keep proving that football clubs can and must do more.