Apollon FC x Chiliz/Socios Press Conference

On Wednesday (19/08), Apollon FC and Chiliz/Socios held a press conference where they officially announced their partnership, along with all the relevant details.

Chiliz Exchange is the first blockchain-based sports tokenization platform in the world and through the Socios mobile app, football fans can utilize their tokens by voting in various polls provided by the club. Fans can also trade their fan tokens, either through the Socios app or through the Chiliz platform.

Apollon fans will be able to purchase tokens from the 25/08, at a fixed price, until the 27/08, before the token becomes openly available, with its price determined by supply and demand.

The press conference was opened by the club’s Marketing Officer, Koulla Stavrinidou, who gave a short introduction, highlighting the importance of this partnership for Apollon FC and all the club’s fans. Ms. Stavrinidou continued by explaining the brand exposure benefits of the partnership, through the association with some of the world’s top football clubs, such as Barcelona, PSG and Juventus. In addition, she explained how important is to create a communication stream between the fans and the club, using the Socios app.

On behalf of Chiliz/Socios, the CEO and founder, Mr. Alexandre Dreyfus, was kind enough to participate in the press conference, via Zoom, and share some words regarding the project.

Mr. Dreyfus highlighted the importance of proper and effective communication between football clubs and their fans, explaining how it can also be monetized through blockchain technology. He also explained the reasons that prompt Chiliz/Socios to collaborate with Apollon FC. The strategic decision to integrate with smaller markets and specifically Cyprus, a hub for the global trading industry.

Mr. Dreyfus was able to answer questions by the media and Apollon fans.

Following that, the Apollon FC/Socios project manager, Mr. Christoforos Matheou, took over in order to elaborate and provide details on how the Socios app works and how can Apollon fans fully utilize it.

Some of key elements that Mr. Matheou shared where:

– During the Fan Token Offering phase (25/08-27/08), 100,000 $APL will be made available at a fixed price of 1 euro.
– Users will only be allowed to purchase 50 $APL during the FTO.
– On the 28/08 and onwards, the $APL price will be influenced by supply and demand.
– $APL holders can vote in fan polls through the Socios app.
– Fans can also trade their tokens either through Socios or through the Chiliz platform online.
– In the future, fans will be able to enjoy new developments through the app, such as the Token Hunt, leaderboard standings and various other games.

The first poll will ask Apollon fans to choose a skill challenge and shortly after, they will have to choose which players will go head-to-head in the challenge, through a second poll.

The winners of the polls will get the chance to visit the Apollon Training Center, watch the challenge, meet the players, and join in on the fun.

When wrapping up the press conference, Mr. Matheou thanked all the people who were involved in the process of realizing the partnership and expressed his excitement and confidence in the project.

Ultimately, Apollon FC wants to be up to par with the giants of European football and build a worldwide fanbase through the Socios app.

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