Apollon comes from the National Associations and therefore could not do any other but follow the line drawn by its founders. Everyone relied on the triptych Faith-Patriotism-Love and had as primary goal the national liberation fight of EOKA and the union of Cyprus with Greece, as well as the social contribution and the establishment of sports clubs (organized pan-Cypriot inter-track athletics competitions).

From its foundation and over the years, it has rightly been included in the “big” of Cypriot sports, with its contribution to sporting events being of course very important. Even more important, however, is its contribution to the social events of the place…

Through acts of self-denial, several of its members fought and sacrificed for EOKA, while at the same time, through various altruistic acts, the members of Apollon managed to leave their mark on Cypriot society, with the “Legend” growing and achieving to have thousands of loyal fans at his side.

All these years Apollon produced and continues to produce culture, giving special meaning to man, thus honoring in the most ideal way the beliefs and ideology of its founders. After all, from the birth of Apollon, a selfless project began, which has no expiration date.