The social work of Apollon continued uninterruptedly and in various ways until 1974, when the darkest page in the modern history of our country was recorded with the Turkish invasion. Then, hundreds of members and athletes of our team fought for the homeland, with our goalkeeper and reserve lieutenant, Giannakis Papaioannou, falling in the field of honor on July 20. At the same time, in the fight to perform their sacred duty to the homeland , fighting also the reserve lieutenant Spyros Petousis, who was a member of Apollon, but also Socrates Socrates from Erimi, who was a member of our dance group, Elissaios Elissaiou, also a member of our dance group and athlete of the club Panagiotis Eumeniou, member of Apollon.

Stagnation and reorganization

As it is understood, everything “froze” after the huge blow that Cyprus received, with the Turks proceeding to the illegal occupation of 37% of the Republic of Cyprus. The blows were enough and instantaneous, as about 200,000 inhabitants were expelled from their homes and became refugees in their own homeland, while there were about 4,000 dead and 1,619 were declared missing.

Now time was running out painfully and sports were justifiably secondary, since the primary goal was survival and reorganization, so that a new beginning could be made, a new beginning.

Nevertheless, some events took place, as they had been planned for a long time, such as the participation of the dance group in Thessaloniki.