Apollon managed to give its presence at every event for which it was invited and in 1971 its dance group took part in the Famous Social Welfare Festival in the Municipal Park, which was organized in the first days of July, while a few days later and specifically on July 9,it contributed to the performance of the National Youth Council of Cyprus BRASS – BAND of West Germany, organized at the Limassol Garden Theater under the auspices of the then Mayor of Limassol, Nikos Pattihis.

 At the same time, it found another way to entertain the group members and friends in general. Specifically, every Sunday the club’s raffle was organized with the lucky ones securing enough and significant profits.

Cowardly and over time, as in the other teams, so in Apollon, some steps began to be taken, in order for the people to find a way out through sports or through games or through various other activities. One of them was the holding -again- of the carnival dance, Christmas dances and other events that brought the members of the association together.

Since then, however, several more years had to pass, so that Apollon could return stronger and be a protagonist at all levels and not only in the competition, although from time to time it had helped in various ways and had offered to society.