For a clean Limassol

However, moves were made for the cleanliness of the city, with the participation of our athletes in addition to the ordinary people, since our motto is “A clean Limassol”, which will offer everything to its residents.

Greece and Italy

Beyond the interior, our activities have expanded abroad. At the initiative of the Friends of Apollon Club and through the “Solidarity Day”, which took place on February 24, 2012, many boxes of food were collected, which were sent to Greece to help the people of the motherland.

Of course, something similar happened on March 12, 2013, this time for our compatriots in Cyprus, when it was possible to offer sixty boxes of solid food and dry food to a corresponding number of families of needy students of Polemidia High School.

At the same time, the union of Apollon had from time to time taken similar actions, collecting clothes, food and toys for needy families, which were given to the social grocery of our city.

The last episode, but not the last, of Apollon’s social contribution took place on Italian soil! In particular, during the preparation period of the football team in Italy, everyone responded immediately to the call of Irifor del Trentino (association of the blind) to contribute with their presence to the social work that has been offered in the region for many years. Footballers of our team were photographed with members of the association, with Rahid Hamdani handing over the official banner of our glorious club. In fact, several of our footballers gave their own contribution to the association.

All these movements are by no means aimed at self-promotion, but to be a guide to who we are and how we should act in each case. To remember and continue every action that is carried out for a public purpose. To commit that we will continue this effort with the same and greater vigor.

Because Apollon does not only mean football or any other sport in general. Because Apollon is everything that reminds it. Because, first of all, that is why “Legend” is the pride of Limassol. Because the role of Apollon is multifaceted, complex and multidimensional and its activities do not stop only in its contribution to sports, but it tries to produce social work and to show everyone that there are much more important things in life than a goal, a basket or a title.