Centre for access to football in Europe (CAFE)

Since 2012, the “Center for Access to Football in Europe” has been dedicating the first week of March to the “Total Football, Total Access” campaign.

The campaign aims to boost access as well as integrate people with disabilities into the world of football.

More than one billion of the world’s population face disability problems, a number that is growing over time. A large number of people with disabilities are football fans and we are very proud as a team to have the opportunity to participate in that kind of social events.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and it’s very important that people with disabilities have the opportunity to visit the field and watch the games of their favorite team.

Apollon FC stands beside those people and takes part in such campaigns over time, proving  that football can play a leading role in solving serious social  problems that exist in our society today.

The Center for Access to Football in Europe – CAFE, has been actively supported by our team since 2015.