We put an end to driving unconsciousness

In July 2018, Apollon decided to launch a new campaign, which concerns the scourge of fatal road accidents. Unfortunately, this is something we consider to be imperative, as it is a very serious matter for all of us. It is tragic that so much blood is being shed unjustly on the asphalt, which is why we will fight with all our might to achieve our goal, which is to improve the driving behavior of all of us.

The main message of the campaign is “We put an end to driving unconsciousness” and the hashtag #apollon_drivesafe. Posts on our official website and on all Apollon’s social media, use of the creatives for Match Day, Starting XI, Half / Full Time, entries in all the Match Programs that were released in all the European matches of the team, messages on the giant screens and on the stadium signs, are some of the actions that have already been done and continue to this day.