It was on 14th of April 1954, when the…will of the National Popular Associations of our city, of the sports-loving Limassol, took place. It was necessary to create an association that would include what was required at that time: The ethno-religious ideals in a place (team) that young people would attend with dignity and would stay away from foreign motives whereas at the same time would serve sports and culture.

President of this day was the secretary of the coordinating committee of the National Popular Associations, Mr. Christakis Savvidis and the name of the team was “APOLLON” with the presence of 27 founders that elected the five-member board of directors headed by Pampos Lympouridis. The five members  was Andreas Angelopoulos, Andreas Theocharous, Andreas Psyllid is, Costas Panagiotou and Pampos Lympouridis whereas the board became seven-member by the addition of Antonis Fourlas and Meli Charalambous, who accepted that the first team to be the first , the track and field team coach.

The 27 founders members: Pambos Lymbouridis Andreas Psyllidis Andreas Angelopoulos, Yiannakis Farmer Andreas Neocleous, Manolis Savvides, Tony Fourla, Luke Fourla, Sophocles Potamitis, Kostas Papadopoulos, Melis Charalambous, Fotis Iakovidis Stavros Matthew Constantine Nikos, Abraham Philip Andreas Theocharous, Christakis Aristeidou , Costas Salamiotis, Panagiotis Giannopoulos, Andros Xenofontos, Andreas Karapateas, Haris Karapateas, Spyros Christofidis, Theocharis Stavrou, Pampos Papadouris, Sotiris Christodoulou and Costas Panagiotou.

The direction of the city changes

This date played an important role in Limassol’s history and definitely changed the directions of this beloved city, since now the youth found their own home. As for the colors of Apollon’s jersey, it could not be other than blue and white, the colors of the flag of Greece that the founders then had as their sacred banner.