Launch of online tickets offer

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd announces to our team fans the launch of the great online promotion, which will run until Sunday 16/06, and concerns anyone wishing to secure a ticket for the new 2019-2020 season. of the ONLINE TICKETS online service.

This unique offer includes special discounts on lifetime tickets and great prizes through raffles.

By purchasing the ticket online until Sunday (16/06) you will be able to benefit from the following:

– Reduced rates for both existing and new owners.

– 3 lucky winners will win the official jersey of the new 2019-2020 season following a draw.

– Life tickets will be available for pick-up from the Apollon Official Store immediately upon completion, with a 20% discount on all products on the day of receipt.

– There is also the option of FREE shipping on the Kronos Express service.

It is emphasized that those who wish to receive their tickets from the Apollon Official Store will be informed via a relevant announcement and message on their mobile phone about when they will be able to do so.

From June 18th when the offer expires, the sale will be available from the Apollon Official Store and through the ONLINE TICKETS service.

Ticket prices for our team’s home games for the new 2019-20 season are set at 12 euros normal (1st Phase and 2nd Phase, total 16 matches / 192 euros) and 8 euros per student (First and Second Phase, 16 matches total / 128 euros)

Price list until 16 June


Regular Price

Special Price until 16/06 for last year’s holders

Special Price until 16/06 for new clients













Gold Teens*




Gold Junior

















* Gold Teens and Teens tickets will only be valid for students under the age of 18, soldiers and students up to the age of 25 (born 01/01/1995). Presentation of all required certificates is a prerequisite.


1. All Home Stage Championship matches (11 matches).

2. All Home Stage Championship matches (5 matches).

3. All European home matches up to the Play-Off phase (4 matches).

4. 10% Off Apollon Official Store.

5. Participation in the Blue World Reward Program.

6. Participation in the loyalty program “Apollon Official Store Reward Card”.

7. Special price on the package of the official excursion team for the European away games.

8. Priority in buying tickets for the team’s away games.

9. Secured ticket to buy in the event of qualifying for the final cup match.

10. Participation in the Apollo Media Club (news about the team with sms).

11. Special Privileges for the members of the Apollo Association with the requisite condition that a Certificate from the Board of Directors be provided for regular subscriptions.

Instructions for purchasing tickets through the ONLINE SEASON TICKETS service:

– Tickets can be purchased through the ONLINE SEASON TICKETS service.

– Each ticket corresponds to a single user only. In case anyone wishes to purchase a second ticket, they will need to create a new account by filling in the email and other details of the new owner.

– In order to activate the discount for existing holders (2019-2020) it is necessary to enter the barcode of the durability ticket, which is indicated on the durability card, in the appropriate field at the top of the page: https://apollon.

– Should anyone wish to upgrade their durability ticket category (for example from Blue to Gold), they should contact the company’s ticket office at 25-746805.

– Due to the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Junior, Gold Junior and Teens long term ticket purchases, an online form will have to be completed which will validate the age and guardian consent required for transactions between minors.

Instructions for enrolling in the BLUE WORLD Reward Program:

– At click on BLUE WORLD at the top left of the page.

– Add BLUE WORLD to your cart, go through your details and make sure they are correct.

– Complete the purchase (no charge) and click on the link that appears in the message.

– Copy the code, e.g. 122JH5ZUW2AGY, and go back to the BLUE WORLD at the top left of the page.

– Fill in the code in the “Activate Card” field and click Add to activate the reward program.

We are also informing our team friends that the Apollon FC Official Ticketing App will be re-launched in the coming days, providing our fans with an easy alternative to buying tickets for all of our team’s home matches.

• Purchase tickets for all of our team’s home games via mobile phone.

• Automatically save the ticket in the mobile application, which allows you to enter the court without the need to print a ticket.

• Automatically save the lifetime ticket in the cellphone application, which allows you to enter the court if you do not have your current card.

• Access your shopping history.

An announcement will follow in the coming days.

For technical support you can contact the ticket office at 25-746805, Monday – Friday (08: 30-13: 30 and 15: 00-18: 00) and 95-114846 for technical support after 18:00.

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