Press Release according fan card

Apollon Football (Public) Ltd wishing to put an end to the paraphrase regarding our position on the abolition of the fan card, and in particular to deliberately place it on the deliberate lies reported by the CSO president on the state channel, are forced to make public the excerpts of the letters he sent to all the relevant bodies in February 2019 and May 2019.

Unfortunately, the CSO president, for reasons we do not understand, chooses to make the wrong impression since, as these letters show, “we are clearly writing that repealing the measure is the only solution”. However, in an effort to resolve this serious issue, Apollo insisted on suggestions and actions to find feasible solutions to bring people back to the stadiums. These efforts have been going on for months but unfortunately so far we have not had a positive response (correspondence from November 2018).

Instead of the CSO president appreciating the seriousness with which we choose to handle the matter, he chooses to expose Pancyprian with misleading and misleading statements.

Board of directors
Apollon Football (Public) Ltd

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