Presentation of the new coach of Apollon FC

A press conference was held on Thursday morning (10/06) for the presentation of the new coach of our team, Mr. Alexander Zorniger.

President Nikos Kirzis was the first to speak and welcomed the German coach.

“Today’s press conference is being held on the occasion of the presentation of our new coach Mr. Alexander Zorniger.

The agreement between us will last until May 2023, and we hope that during this period Apollon will show several successes, both inside and outside the borders.

The choice of Mr. Alexander Zorniger was easy for me personally, as I knew his course.

After all, as is well known, a few months ago we reiterated our intention to work together, something that was not possible at that time.

On the contrary, the process that preceded the final agreement between the two sides had several difficulties.

Difficulties that did not concern only the financial part, but convincing through our plan and ambitions a renowned German coach, to take the reins of our technical leadership.

We know a lot about our new coach, and we will definitely know more during our collaboration.

It is one of the collaborations from which a football organization like Apollon can gain many positive elements, as the performances and the course of Mr. Alexander Zorniger in Germany and Denmark, certify that he is a professional who left his mark wherever he worked.

He is a coach with a strong personality who has all the guarantees to lead and leave his mark on Apollon.

The characteristics of his competitive philosophy were the most important criterion for his selection, as well as the fact that he has worked in teams such as Leipzig, Stuttgart and Brondby.

Both I, the Board of Directors and the staff of the club will be with Alexander Zorniger in the effort he will make to create a competitive Apollon that will charm friends and opponents.

I welcome Alexander Zorniger to the Apollon family and wish him every success. ”

Then the new coach spoke about his playing philosophy.

“I look forward to working here and I hope the smiles I see now in the room exist until the end of my journey to Apollon. I hope to be able to convey my philosophy and I look forward to meeting new players. The key parameter for their selection is their performance and all footballers need to fight for a place in the roaster. “I will try to change the way the team plays.”

This was followed by questions from the attendees.

Regarding his arrival at Apollon and his life in the country: “I am new in the country and I have been here since last Monday, however I am not so interested in the past nor does it affect me. We were in contact with Apollon two years ago but this time the situation was different.

In the meantime, I have been in contact with groups from Germany, the Netherlands and England, and I have also worked professionally with television networks in Germany and Denmark.

After a discussion with my family, I believed that this was the right time to come to Cyprus. For me, the challenge that appeared in front of me is important, as well as the trust that the administration shows me. I decided to come here because the balance between personal life and work is important, and Cyprus was the best destination for my family.

“It also suits me to fight for championships and get angry when I lose.”

If he knows about the previous German coaches and what they achieved in our team: “The coaching school in Germany is great and the education they receive is important. I do not know the  coaches personally but I am informed about their successes “.

“No matter how good the coach is, everything depends on the players. If the players do not perform then they will lose.” “My goal is to make my players perform.”

Regarding the players he will select: “We are looking for players, but the important thing is to evaluate the existing roster that is already here”.

“In addition to physical characteristics, we are looking for personalities. Smart players who can cope with the way we play and have specific characteristics. We are looking for a central defender and attacker right now. We need support. ”

For Hansen and Kliment, whose names were written: “There is no question of Hansen because I prefer young players. Young players are more open-minded, and it is easy to change their way of thinking and adapt it  to my philosophy. Clement has already signed, in an another situation we would borrow him, he is one of the footballers I would like.”

Regarding his new associates: “Molinari is my assistant. We were teammates when he was still young and then I was his coach for 7 years. Everyone next to me has their own responsibilities. His job is to analyze the opponent, something I am not interested in, but I need someone to advise me. The players are the ones who win the games, the staff is there just to support and help them. All staff are experts in their field. We are looking for another Cypriot assistant coach who will join our team these days “.

Regarding the academies and the young football players: “We will be close while in the long run we will integrate the academy. But I cannot do everything, but it is in my plans. In the basic stage of preparation we will see some young players while during the season and during the suspension of the national teams, I will have the opportunity to evaluate them again. Time is very important for a coach for that and my assistants can deal with it.”

Regarding self-confidence: “Self-confidence is very important and when God shared confidence I was definitely there. When you constantly lose, you lack of confidence, for that and I have to pass my philosophy on to the footballers and make them realize that self-confidence comes with positive results.”

For the Cypriot championship and the other teams: “I am not informed about Cypriot football but I care about my team and our way of playing”.

Regarding the number of transfers: “I do not think we will make ten transfers. I think the team budget is quite high and maybe higher than teams in the 2nd division of Germany.

It is difficult to bring good players because the players with the characteristics we are looking for are not many and because we are looking for quality players who currently want to play in advanced leagues. But some do not.

We have a network, we have communication. We are not looking for many players.

“The pandemic has changed the situation and the players know about it.”

Press office
Apollon Limassol