Specifically for health, the annual visits (not only two or three times, but also more) to hospitals and pediatric wards, to various institutions, such as the “Agios Stefanos” institution, to children’s shelters and generally to our fellow human beings have been established.

They also asked for our help and support. In addition, our participation in social events is now permanent, such as events of the Cyprus Cancer Association, the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, as well as the “Make a Wish” Association and the Children’s Hospital Red Cross, but also in the Radio Marathon and the Telethon. The goal, after all, is not only to help financially, but also morally, the people who are next to us and need a hug, a smile and of course better living conditions.

In fact, on July 30, 2006, a charity match was organized between our team and the team of Markos Pagdatis with all proceeds from the match being donated to the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Heart Disease and the Cyprus Cancer Association, while the Cypriot tennis player ceremony that preceded the match, in turn handed over a personal check of 5. 5,000 to the representatives of the two institutions.

At the same time, collaborations emerged with international organizations, such as the “Hope for Children”, “Smile Foundation” and “Make a wish”.

For example, in April 2007, Apollon gave a theatrical performance, the proceeds of which were donated to the Smile Foundation, which aims to provide the best medical treatment to children with deformities such as cleft lip, palate and Moebius Syndrome.

Health, after all, is the supreme good that God has given us and so Apollon could not remain indifferent to the various challenges-invitations.

At the same time, both the football department and the organized group of our fans donate blood annually (once or twice) to strengthen the Blood Bank of Limassol Hospital, while sometimes they are done extraordinarily, since at any time they can an urgent need arises and one of our fellow human beings urgently needs blood.