Due to the situations of that time, it took a long time, and a lot of efforts, to accept Apollon’s request to participate in the CFA championships.

Our group submitted a relevant request on March 23, 1955 to join the force of the CFA as a 2nd Division association, with its accession taking shape a few months later and specifically on October 16, 1955, when its request was unanimously accepted by the assembly of the Cyprus Football Federation.

The Apollon footballers who formed the first Apollon team approved by the federation: 1. Costas Eugeniou 2. Loukas Lamaris 3. Periklis Ioannidis 4. Kyriakos Konstantinou 5. Kostakis Dianellos 6. Panikos Zavros 7. Christakis Rotsidis 8. Andreas Aggelopoulos 9. Nikos Nikolaidis 10. Giannakis Anastasiou 11. Pelopidas Aristotelous 12. Pampos Papadouris 13. Ioannis Zakazas 14. Loizos Nikolaidis 15. Nikos Konstantinou 16. Andreas Nikolaou 17. Petros Nikolaou 18. Kostakis Georgiou 19. Georgios Lamaris 20. 21 Costas Michailidis 22. Savvas Christou 23. Roberto Stefanou 24. Giannakis Morfitis 25. Spisso Gino 26. Pampos Hadjicharalambous 27. Giannakis Perentos 28. LambrosKarapateas

The first coach of Apollon was Antonakis Fourlas, he had as collaborator Loukas Lamaris, who, however, even after Apollon joined the CFA force, handed over the baton to Panikos Aradippiotis.